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I need a new post idea :L

2010-03-31 16:06:35 by dreadnought106

I'm actually bored... nah im joking but I need something fresh for the fresh new budget year :)


Can anybody think of anything to do :) And watch out for my jingle bells coming out on christmas day :)


Camilla is next on the agenda!!!! - - Var ar Jag + Amblex!!!!

2009-09-07 14:43:20 by dreadnought106

I've finally figured out the melody for this blasted song!!! Woooo!!!!!! Expect an awesome edit... I hope!!!!!!! And also now my own edit of var ar jag!!! And also Amblex- I hope all to be finished by christmas!!!!



2009-05-29 05:02:45 by dreadnought106

Well time to go into hibernation now after I've finished that song... nah I'm just kiddin but I have no upcoming projects so I could do with some inspiration. Send me a pm if you wanna do a collab or whatever

Also check Camel-Juice-Music if you get the time and leave a review (again if you have time) 'cos it's much appreciated!



2009-05-02 09:41:27 by dreadnought106

Blinkmarine and I now have a joint account called Camel-Juice-Music where our collab trakcs will be posted. Also we both now have reFX Vanguard!!! Whoo!! Not Nexus but awesome all the same as most of you fellow NG users will agree. We also now have nexus also which is even awesomer!


All of my songs worth listening to now have the new skull/punisher (not really sure what skull) icon on just so youknow!

Have Nexus as well now yay!

-Dreadnought106... or should I say...


" 50 % Camel, 50 % Juice, 100 % Music! " (Cheesy, we know)


What do you think I should do now?

2009-03-08 03:49:16 by dreadnought106

Ive finished Welcome to Thunder but i think i can do more with that plus two of the transitions are poor but what should i do after that!!!

diablo 3

2008-09-23 11:33:02 by dreadnought106

cant wait til this awesome game comes out man!
Also u should take a look at supreme commander-forged alliance!!! its pretty brilliant!!!